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Autumn Leaves
GBP £60.00
Only 1 left!

I just love the shape of leaves in nature. They may look the same but when you look closely you will see little differences, even in the same species. It is the same with this piece of art. At first glance they all look the same but on closer inspection you will see they are slightly different.
I've been influenced by paisley and Indian patterns in creating these leaves. They have autumnal colours bit this piece would look striking at any time of year.
The piece comprises of 3 leaves each with lots mini brown china leaves snipped one by one out of a retro saucer. Brown beads are the vein and stem, gold beads on on side of each leaf and gold rings on the other side. They have been surrounded in cream china mosaic and grouted in a sandy colour keeping with the autumnal colours. The whole mosaic has an edge of silver ball chain and is hung by a copper coloured wire with bead detail. The reverse I have covered with a beautiful pattern paper so if you choose to hang it in a window it will great from outside too.

It measures approx 30cm across by 12 cm down.

This is an absolutely beautiful mosaic unique in it's design and execution. It would look fabulous in any room of the house.


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