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Soothing Cleansing Milk 200ml
GBP £32.00

Soothing Cleansing Milk with Oats and Orange Essential Oil
Natural Cleanser for dry skin and all skin types. This coconut oil and oat cleanser contains organic flower water has a light fragrance of fresh oranges. It can be rinsed off or removed with a muslin cloth or face flannel wrung out in warm water. It is perfect for all skin types as it balances out the skin and cleanses and leaves the skin soft and moisturised. Massage into the skin using fingertips to remove make-up and dirt including eye make-up and waterproof eye make-up. Also perfect as a natural hand wash especially for children. Leaves skin clean, soft and moisturised.

Take one or two pumps in dampened hands and massage in. Can be washed off or use a muslin cloth or flannel wrung out in warm water to gently wipe away and splash the face with water. It becomes a soft, soothing, milky consistency leaving the skin soft and soothes and without any residue.

Natural cleanser for dry sin, combination skin and oily skin

Removes make-up including waterproof eye makeup effectively

Soothes and moisturises

For a natural glow

Creamy, gentle facial cleanser


Can also be used as a handwash

This cleanser is made with 100% organic flower water, coconut oil and essential oils.

Coconut Oil This oil has a multitude of benefits to the skin. It is an antioxidant, moisturising, anti-wrinkle and anti-sagging effect.

Castor Oil This oil comes from the castor nut and is a very good natural cleanser. It helps to deep cleanse the pores by drawing dirt out to itself.

Botanical Oat Extract - is well known for its soothing and calming effects and ideal for dry, sensitive skin. A superior ingredient for delicate care of sensitive skin.

*Cocus nucifera (Coconut oil), *Castor Oil, Glycerine*, Prunus amygdalus dulcis*, Citrus aurantium dulcis fruit water*, Sucrose Laurate. *Organically produced ingredients. Ecocert approved Emulsifying Wax, Avena sativa Kernel Extract) *Organic Oats, Rosmarinus officinalis Leaf Extract Tocopherol (Vitamin E)*Citrus aurantium dulcis Peel Oil, Ecocert Preservative (Benzyl Alcohol, Salicylic Acid, Glycerin, Sorbic Acid)*Certified Organic

Free from parabens, synthetic fragrances, mineral oils, silicones and sulphates, propylene glycol, phthalates, GMO, PEGs, TEA and DEA – and cruelty free.


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